Ayutthaya, the city of temples

Must have book when visiting Ayutthaya.

Ancient Ayutthaya was the most famous and glorious city in the 1700s. With over 400 temples and 3 golden laden palaces, it was also the largest city in the world. One million people called it home, and traders from all over the world came to the ports of Ayutthaya.

After the fall of the city in 1767, the glorious city has never recovered from the destruction the Burmese army inflicted upon it. Today, a fraction of those spell bounding temples of old has been recovered, and do they impress.

Many people visit Ayutthaya as a day outing from Bangkok, and it is such a shame. For this city has so much to offer, not only in temples and a palalace, but also in history and culture. Not to mention mission out on seeing the Biggest Gautama Buddham image in the world, located only a short drive from Ayutthaya.

How to get to Ayutthaya cheaply.

From Bangkok, you can take a train to Ayutthaya. First class tickets are in the reign of 200 to 300 Baht and third class tickets are around 20 to 50 Baht. However, you will need to take a Tuk Tuk to the train station in Bangkok, and then again from the train station in Ayutthaya to the city.

A cheaper option is to take a minivan from the Freedom Monument in Bangkok directly to the center of Ayutthaya. You can take the BTS train from all over the city in Bangkok directly to the Freedom Monument, and also from the airport. A train ride from the airport is 45 Baht, and in the city is 15 Baht from one station to the next, however, you can get a day pass for 130 Baht that allows you to get on and off as you like, and explore the city.

  The freedom monument in Bangkok

At the freedom Monument, go to the shopping area under the bridge, and ask for a minivan to Ayutthaya. In June 2015 when I used the service, the buses departed from the last taxi stand (closest to the monument) and was 60 Baht per person. I had three large backpacks, and bought a second seat for my bags. The bus dropped me off at the taxi step in Ayutthaya.

   Shopping area and taxi pick-up point for minivan to Ayutthaya.

Explore Ayutthaya, and see the famous Buddha head in the tree.