Understand your book sales: Tools to help authors

Are you an author that sell wide and not only on Amazon? Or, do you have multiple books published? Or do you wish you could understand your sales better?

Combining sales for a book from multiple sales channels can be a daunting and time consuming task for many authors. And that is understandable. You are a creative person that want to let your heart flow onto paper, not sit hour after hour copying and pasting sales data into spreadsheets. Not to mention the wasted time you could have written a new paragraph or chapter. However, as a smart author you do understand that to get a clear picture of your book’s performance you need to get the big picture of where and in what format your book/s sell.

BookSalesReport saves you time and effort while taking the frustrating out of combining sales data. With the simple upload interface, you can with the click of a few buttons hassle free upload your Amazon, CreateSpace, and SmashWords sales data. With the generic upload interface you can upload sales data from any other channel, even those you sold yourself by hand.

Combining your sales data allows you to run informative sales reports.

BookSalesReport gives you the power to see sales of one book against another, from its total history, to a month. You can even filter it down to sales channel like only sales from Amazon or SmashWords. You can further divide results in print and E-book sales, as well as see free downloads. If you have books in multiple genres, you can see sales for only one genre over time, as well as filter it down to sales channel.

Do you run Amazon ads and wish you could compare your sales against your Amazon ad campaigns?

BookSalesReport give you the ability to upload your campaign data and compare clicks and cost for campaigns over time, as well as compare campaign performance against book sales. Another feature of BookSalesReport is that it can give you up to date information of which campaign is currently getting clicks and its cost. No need to wait until the end of the month to see what campaign cost you money in your billing invoice. With this information you can boost or end a campaign in a matter of hours depending on how it performs. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in advertising cost over a year.

Do you track your income and expenses?

BookSalesReport allows you to enter your income from royalties, as well as expenses such as book editing, cover design and more. If you uploads Amazon advertising data the advertising cost is automatically added to your expenses. This allows you to easily see your real income over time. If you have multiple books or sell at multiple sales channels it can be difficult tracking your exact income and comparing it to the previous month or year. BookSalesReport makes this a thing of the past.

Do you forget to do tasks for books such as update descriptions on multiple sales channels or more?

BookSalesReport gives you the ability to assign tasks against books to help you remember things that need getting done. With an easy to use report, you can see all outstanding tasks for all books, or just one book.

Are there changes in your sales that you are not sure of why?

Book sales do go up and down for a host of reasons. However, sometimes it is because of a book description of cover update you did. Or it could be a Facebook or twitter post you send out. It can even be from launching another book. By setting reminders of events such as changing a book cover, description or name change, you can correlate these events to changes in sales to see what the possible reason for the change in sales are.

Try BookSalesReport risk free for 14 days and decide for yourself.

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