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Replacing Braven 705 Battery

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The Braven 705 Bluetooth speaker is a good travel speaker with excellent sound for its size. However, the internal battery does not seem to last long. Around a year to two years of use, often sees the battery only lasting around 15 minutes. Luckily, replacing the battery is very easy. It uses the smaller 3.7 v, 18500 (1400 mAH) battery and not the standard 18650 battery.

What you will need.

A small jewel screwdriver with a Philips (star) point and one with a flat point. A small soldering iron.

1:First flip the speaker over so that the bottom faces up.

Braven 705 battery replace

2: Now gently pull the rubber strip away.

There are 4 screws to be removed.

3: But first, gently pull the rubber padding in the center away.

Use a flat screwdriver to help you push the bottom as you pull. This will help prevent the rubber from tearing.

4: Now push the internal black part through the color housing, towards the left. That is towards the volume and power buttons.

5: Once you have the internal black part out, flip it over to the side with the large speaker cover. There are 13 screws to remove.

6: The cover is held on with tape over the seam. Gently remove and then lift the cover off.

There are 8 screws here in total to remove.

7: First remove the two black padding pieces.

8: On the far right are two screws holding the black part to the body, and 2 holding it to the pc board.

9: Under the black padding are 2 screws holding the pc board down.

10: On the far left are 2 screws hold a cover in place that itself holds the pc board for the buttons in place.

11: After you removed all the screws and the cover on the left holding down the pc board for the buttons, gently pull the pc board for the buttons back, and then out. It is held in place with glue.

This will allow you to easily flip the large pc board up.

12: The battery is under the large pc board and held in place with a cover that has two screws.

13: The battery wires do not have a connection, so you will need to unsolder them from the back.

When putting the new one back, note how the wires are attached. From the top it is Red, White Black.

Battery removed.

If you cannot find a ready made battery pack, you can reuse the old battery pack connections and use a normal flashlight battery.

Remove the outer plastic coating from the battery. You will notice the three wires are connected to a small pc board with connections on the end of the battery.

Remove the covers on the ends. This will expose the connections on the battery. They are tacked onto the battery, so gentry pry them free. You can then solder them onto the new battery and put the covers back on the ends. The red is positive and black negative on the battery.

Once you have soldered in the new battery. Reverse the steps by installing the battery, its cover, the large pc board. The small button pc board and its cover. The 8 screws holding them down. The two black protection pieces. The outer cover. Its 13 screws. Then the small protection strip over the joint. This is for vibration. Then slide the black section back into the color cover in reverse order. Put the 4 screws back and the central black cushion, then finally the black large rubber strip.

Now have some fun.

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