Campfire humor: Get your hair out of my face.

I love to travel. That love came from our family going camping every holiday we could. We had a caravan the we all slept in, until I later got my own tent. I was about 10 or 11 when on one of our trips, I was awoken by my sister’s long hair brushing over my face. She was on the bunk bed above me. In the darkness I brushed her hair away and complained that she should pull it up. My dad promptly yelled from his bed to shut up and go to sleep.  Not long afterwards, my sister’s hair again fell into my face, gently brushing over it. Again I complained, while my sister proclaimed in the darkness from above that it is not her.  At that point my dad had enough and switched the lights on. It was at this point that I became aware of the giant Tarantula sitting on my face. How, I do not know, but I managed to slide out from under that spider, leaving it floating in the air, without even disturbing my blankets. By pure luck the windows did not shatter from my scream. At that point my sister looked down at the floating spider on the bed under her, and chaos took over as her scream mixed with mine, and my second sister’s who was in the bed opposite mine. Even if you told us kids there was chocolate ice-cream outside, we would not have been able to clear that caravan in the record speed we did. Dad got the job of catching the bugger, and putting him outside, while the rest of the family stood watch outside. Even though I luckily did not develop a fear of spiders, I make sure any tent I buy has a fly-sheet I can zip closed. 🙂

Give me a kiss sexy. 🙂