EX US Kittiwake pictures before she was sunk

I was privileged to walk around the Ex US Kittiwake before she was sunk, and then to lead dives as  a guide on her for a few years. Here are a few pictures i took when i walked around on her.

Diving in Lake Pleasant, Phoenix

Mike twisted my arm into going diving in 55degree water. Promised me I would be warm wearing a dry suit.

So I look at the beautiful landscape surrounding us.


Then, I braved the cold water. I immediately got a headache as I entered the water, ice-cream headache. Luckily it passed within a few minutes. I felt some cold on my left leg, but not to bad. For my first drysuit dive, it went very well. However, by 30 minutes into the dive I started to shake from the cold. As we were already heading back, I just braved the cold, thinking that if this is how cold one gets in a drysuit, I ain’t doing this in a wetsuit. We saw a few Christmas trees and hoops that we could swim through. Mike managed to find little Johnny.
Then it was time to get out. I was a Popsicle when we got out. Only when I took the suit off, did we realize that the suit leaked and my undergarment was soaked. Luckily I rented a 7mm wetsuit just in case. So off we went for a second dive, me this time in a wetsuit. We saw a few fish and more Christmas trees. I managed a 50 min dive. But when I got out and went to the loo, I realized I turned into a woman. 🙁

All in all, an awesome experience. And I did learn that I really do not like diving in water below 80degrees. 🙂