Cambodia Visa Information

New Visa Changes 2014 / 2015
In October of 2014, the visa fees were changed, please take notice of this increase and have additional money when reaching the border.Tourist Visas:

  • $30 for the first month. + $7 processing fee.
  • Visa is valid for 90 days, but stay is limited to 30 day blocks.
  • $45 for second month, renewable inside the country.
  • $5 per day for overstaying your visa, plus a warning. (Overstay twice in a row and get banned for 4 years or more.)
  • 1: Color Passport photo required. Now $5 if you do not have a picture at most land border crossings, but still $1 in the airports at Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.
  • You have to leave the country after 90 days and do a border run if you want to stay longer when on a tourist visa.
  • Even though the visa is valid for 90 days, you have to re extend it every 30 days and pay the monthly visa fee.
  • You can get a e-visa before you arrive to Cambodia ($40 total fee with processing fee included). This however is only accepted at the airports and major border crossings such as the one at Bavet (Phnom Penh – Saigon). See
  • For an Iphone visa application app, see:
  • For an android visa application app, see:
  • Processing normally takes 3 Business days at a consulate or online, and on the spot at border posts.
  • Point above is very important, processing is not done over weekends, you cannot apply Friday and want your visa Sunday.

Business Visa:

  • $35 for the first entry, valid for 1 month. + $7 processing fee.
  • You can extend the first visa inside the country.
  • Extension for business visa is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.
  • 1: Color Passport photo required. Now $5 if you do not have a picture at most land border crossings, but still $1 in the airports at Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.
  • $285 current price for 12 month business visa.
  • Only 6 and 12 month business visas are multi entry.
  • $5 per day for overstaying your visa, plus a warning. (Overstay twice in a row and get banned for 4 years or more.) In addition, you may be denied renewing your business visa.
  • Processing normally takes 3 days at the consulate, and on the spot at border posts.
New requirements for Business Visa
The requirement to obtain a business visa by law have been for a long time that you need a work permit in order to be granted a Business visa. However, the law has been tightened up and also enforced more strictly.In November and December of 2014, official went around several areas in Cambodia and arrested a number of people that had a valid business visa, but no work permit.Fines are $100 for every year you stayed in Cambodia, or part thereof, without a work permit. Additional fees such as processing fees of around $25 per year are also charged at random. For the first year that you stay in Cambodia, is is generally accepted that you do not need a work permit, as you are looking for work. However, to renew the business visa at the end of the term, you will need a work permit, as well as pay back fees for the previous year.
Additional things to know about visas
You have to leave the country and cancel your previous visa if you want to change visa groups, such as going from a tourist visa to a business visa.Currently staying long term in the country when you are not employed is a gray area and being worked on. People on pension will have to declare their income from their pension, and may be taxed on this. People that have income from overseas investments or business ventures, even online, will need to declare and pay tax in those profits.You can set up your own company easily in Cambodia if you do not have an employer to obtain a work permit letter. There are a number of companies setup that can help you with the legal requirements once you are in Cambodia. You will need to pay a monthly tax fee.Agents at some border posts will add their own fee on top of the visa fee for handling the applications for you. Many people see this as scams, but you have to take it in light. They are providing a service for you by taking out the guesswork of filling out forms and standing in cues, for a few dollars. If you really want, you can save a few dollars and do it all yourself, but in most cases, the speed that they get things done, it is a bargain.Bring at least $60 to the border as at places (remote border posts and after 4 to 5pm, there are sometimes additional fees that will not be backed down from even if you do it yourself.Important: E-visas are valid from the day that they are issued for 30 days, and not the date you say you will enter Cambodia. If you apply too soon, you will lose a few days. Apply 3 days before entry or 4 if you want to be safe.

Remember to bring 2 printouts (black and white is fine) of your E-visa. One copy you will give to customs when you enter and one when you leave Cambodia

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