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Laura and The Jaguar Propchecy
Book one in the Laura Valencia series

What if you fell in love with the person you were hired to kill?

An ancient secret, with untold power, lies in the heart of a vast jungle; its whereabouts lost…until now.

For years, international spies, operatives with a taste for blood, have sought a mystical relic, a treasure, and with it knowledge that could destroy the world. As unsolved murders ring the globe, an unsuspecting woman, Laura Electa Valencia, tries desperately to escape her own troubles: the brutal, unexplained death of her parents, an abusive ex-boyfriend, and the loss of her job at the local library.

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Laura and the God Code
Book two in the Laura Valencia series

For Laura Valencia and her newfound love, Victor Adalhard, the adventure continues in book two of this gritty tale of dauntless courage and underworld thievery. At the heart of an international conspiracy, lies an ancient scroll of untold power.

The treasure, discovered deep within the jungles of South America, sets in motion clandestine operations by the world's most powerful nations. A bloodbath ensues, as spies and highly trained killers are unleashed to bring the ancient relic home.

The secret writing, now in Laura's hands, has the potential to unlock and harness energy like never before. Committed to protect the mystical artifact, the unwitting pair unite, utilizing Victor's past as an international assassin to guide them. The safety of the planet lies in peril, as nations compete, steering the world to the brink of all out war. Safety? There is none. Certain death appears at every turn, leading the lovers across a vast continent, to exotic locations, and beyond.

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Untamed Love
Book one in the Aurora series

Aurora, a lonely investor, finds her live turned upside down after an argument with her boss. Taking time out, she travels to the majestic temples in Cambodia to fulfill a 22 year old promise and find answers to questions that haunted her whole life. When a stranger saves her life, an attraction develops.

Chase has been hurt badly in a previous relationship and closed his heart to love. However, when he saves Aurora, he cannot resist the attraction he has for her. While he battles to overcome his fears to trust Aurora, she secretly struggles to accept that she deserves love and happiness.

Can love heal Chase’s scars and drive Aurora’s grandmother’s poisonous words from her thoughts before it is too late and they lose each other.

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The Path to True Love
Book two in the Aurora series

Love struck, Aurora decides to move to Thailand and live with her dream man, Chase. However, her haste to be with Chase puts her on an adventures path to a different country when she takes the wrong bus.

Rick, Aurora’s ex-boss and womaniser is hell bent on having Aurora as his trophy. Unable to let her go, he decided to do whatever it takes to break Aurora and Chase up. He also needs to make sure Aurora does not find out about his dark secrets that can send him to jail. Maxine, recently divorced, takes a vacation to the resort where Chase works. Lonely and desperate, she is determined to have Chase as her vacation toy boy.

Can Chase’s love for Aurora resist Maxine’s charm and Aurora make it to Chase in time before Rick destroys their relationship.

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