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Immunization suggested for travel

There are a number of different immunization shots that are highly recommended for travel. The following are considered a must when visiting countires in Asia or with simmilar infrastructure.

  • Hepatitis A: A food borne disease. Found in Asia, especially in rural villages. Be wary of street food and personal hygine of cooks.
  • Hepatitis B: Primarily transmitted by sexual contact, contaminated bodily fluids and sharing needles. Prevalent in Asia.
  • Japanese encephalitis: A mosquito borne disease. Found in limited parts of Asia.
  • Malaria (Prevention, no immunization shots exist): A mosquito borne disease. Found mostly in rural villages in Asia, howerver, some towns such as Battambang in Cambodia, there are drug resistant strains. Prevention by covering up and avoiding being out unessaserily at night and using mosquito coils are recommended.
  • Dengu Fever (Prevention, no immunization shots exist): A mosquito borne disease. In most parts, more of a problem than malaria.
  • Rabies: A bodily fluid borne disease mostly from stray dogs. Present in Asia. Be carefull walking at night and in small alley ways or out in the countryside.
  • Tetanus: A serious bacterial infection. Can cause painful muscle spasms and may lead to death. Mostly found from cuts from rusy metal objects. Make sure you vaccinations shots are up to date. Clean and treat all open wounds.
  • Typhoid: A food borne disease, not uncommon in Asia. Be wary of street food and personal hygine of cooks.
  • Cholera: A food and water borne disease. Occasional reported in Asia. Practise good hygine and be aware of street food.
  • AIDS/HIV: A bodily fluid borne disease. Prevalent in Asia, especialy the red light districts. Mostly found amongst sex workers, but can be found by sharing needles. Practice safe sex and do not share needles.
  • Worms: A food borne parasite. Mostly found from undercooked meat such as chicken and pork. Watch out for street food and Practice good hygiene. Rather order no meet or beef in doubt. Note, can also be found from coming in contact with sewerage water, such as taking river boats in Bangkok. Cover your mouth with a face mask when taking a river ride. See a doctor or pharmacy if you become ill after taking a river ride or eating suspect food.
  • Giardia and Salmonella: A food and water borne diseases. Be wary of street food. Mostly from undercooked or contaminated fish and chicken. Order beef if in doubt.
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