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Diving Books

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The Art of Gas Blending

From the basic formulas for EANx blending, to Tri-Mix and Helair blending. This is an excellent must have book for any gas blender, Technical diver or person interested in technical diving. Whether you intend to blend gas or not. Even people that are already gas blenders will find great value from the tips and advice in this book. Alternatively, a new way of explaining things might just be what is needed to help you understand how gas blending works.

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Dive Computers

Why a dive computer? The intent, and what this book delivers, is an education in the types of dive computers available and how they work. What’s right for you may not be applicable for your friend. By the end of the guide, you should be able to make a knowledgeable, informed decision on what’s best for you.

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Diving Below 130 Ft

Thinking of diving below 130ft or just interested to know more about deep diving?
Then you may find the information in this book interesting and of value.

Want to know the training needed to get certified to dive below 130, 200, 330ft?
This book looks at the different training available to get you certified to dive to the depth that you want to go to.

What else can I get out of this book?
This book gives an overview of some of the effects of diving on the human body, especially long duration and deep diving. The topics covered will give you a broad overview for each one covered, and is a good starting point to broaden your knowledge of deep diving.

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Deep and Safety Stops

Where to stop and for how long, understand Gradient Factors and how all affects your Decompression sickness risk.

This book looks at the research done and current understandings of deep stops, both for and against. The book’s aim is not to advocate or discredit the use of deep stops, but rather to be neutral and provide the reader with the most up to date knowledge, research and methods used by various groups, from military to recreational and technical diving, and how each has changed their diving due to their research.

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Gas Blender Program

Want a gas blender program in your pocket?

This book wil help you blend on the move with a blender application on your smart phone. A step by step guide to creating your own gas blender program in Excel spreadsheet. This book will show you how to write a blender program in excel step by step with the values needed for every cell and function. No need to be a programmer, just type in the values from each step. The program will run on most devices that support spreadsheets, from computers, laptops, smart phones, palms, and I-phones. Calculations for Nitrox, Tri-mix, Helair, Heliox and EAD and END.

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Sea And Motion Sickness

Don't let motion sickness spoil your travels, follow the advice in this book.

With the earth being in constant motion, it is strange that humans suffer from motion sickness. Millions of people travel across the globe daily; by land, sea and air. Many of these travelers suffer from motion sickness, from mild and irritating, to extreme sickness and immobility.

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Ear Pain

Thinking of diving but scared of not being able to equalize your ears?

This book has over 10 ways to equalize your ears. Got ear pain from diving? There are a few different causes of ear pain, and the treatment for each may differ. Understanding why your ears hurt is the first step in finding the off switch to the pain and preventing it from coming on again.

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Open Water

Scuba Diving, your first step to an amazing new world. This free article is about what to expect and how to prepare for your first class. This article is written to help people who are interested in taking their first class in scuba diving to prepare for the class by giving some general information on what to expect on the course.

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