JBL E55 BT Review

I love these earphones. For the price you pay, you get very good sound and good outside noise isolation. I use my earphones via Bluetooth on my computer (windows 7), Iphone 5S and Ipad mini, and with its supplied cable with my Ipod Nano (Small block nano). The earphones are switched on in Bluetooth mode by sliding the power switch on the right speaker. Note than when you plug the supplied cable into the earphones, the earphones automatically turn on without the power light turning on. If you are in Bluetooth mode and plug in the supplied audio cable, the earphones goes out of Bluetooth mode and disconnects any Bluetooth devices.

The Good:
The earphones have excellent sound, and are very comfortable with its adjustable sliding bars.
You can play, pause, and skip songs forward or backwards by using the controls on the right speaker when using Bluetooth. When you use the supplied cable, you have to use the button on the cable. However, it fully controls my iPod nano for pause and play as well as skip songs, and the ipod pics up the mic through the cable thus one can record memos on the iPod with the earphones. (the same is true if you plug the cable into an iPhone)
You can pair a large number of devices to the earphones. However, only two devices can be connect to the earphones at one time. When switching the earphones on by sliding and releasing the on switch, the earphones will connect to the last active device. If that device is not on, it will go in a search mode. You can then connect any other device. PC connection however seam to take preference.
The 20 hour play time is sufficient to play a few days when used only for a few hours a day. You can charge the earphones and use them only if you use the supplied audio cable. If you plug the earphones in to charge, all Bluetooth connections will be disconnected and Bluetooth mode does not work.
The earphones can fold up to take less space.

The Bad:
You cannot have both a device connected via Bluetooth and have the supplied audio cable plugged in. For instance. You cannot connect your iPhone via Bluetooth to catch calls while listing to music on a device you have plugged in via the audio cable.
You cannot have Bluetooth devices connected wile charging (although the cable option still works).
When I tried recording memos via Bluetooth connection on my iPad and iPhone it came out horrible. However, with the supplied cable it was clean.
When connected to my PC and my iPhone or iPad, commands like pause and play were sometimes corrupted. For instance, when the last device was my iPad, the earphones would connect to the iPad automatically when turned on. However, when the PC’s Bluetooth adapter was active, the earphones will also connect to the PC. When you then play songs or videos on the iPad and press the pause button, the iPad would not respond but the PC would receive a play command and start playing. This caused two streams of audio to reach the earphones at the same time. The only way i found to stop this was to always have the PC’s Bluetooth adapter off when not in use.

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