Free Fundamentals of Nitrox and Tri-Mix Gas Blending Course

Fundamentals of Nitrox and Tri-Mix blending

This course is a free email series spanning three days. The course will show you how nitrox and tri-mix blending works in theory, with calculations in both Bar and PSI for filling an empty tank. The first lesson shows the formulas and calculations for filling an empty tank with a Nitrox blend. At the end of the lesson is questions that you can solve yourself. The next day, you will receive an email with the answers to the questions as well as lesson two. Lesson Two handles the formulas for blending Tri-Mix in an empty tank. At the end of lesson two, are questions you can work out on your own. On day three, you will receive an email with the answers for lesson two, as well as a bonus free book.

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14 May 2017


More Than Pancakes Book Review

Engaging story line that keeps you nailed to the pages.

The author did an awesome job of describing the landscape to someone that has never been in snowy woods. The story throws your emotions up and down as it goes on a roller coaster ride through events that keeps you guessing. Just as you think now this is going to happen, the story makes a 180 degree turn. Loved the suspense. The romance is realistic and natural. Not a book to try to curl up and relax, as it heats you from inside and gets your heart racing near heart attack speed. Good for forgetting about the world and its problems though.