More Than Pancakes Book Review

Engaging story line that keeps you nailed to the pages.

The author did an awesome job of describing the landscape to someone that has never been in snowy woods. The story throws your emotions up and down as it goes on a roller coaster ride through events that keeps you guessing. Just as you think now this is going to happen, the story makes a 180 degree turn. Loved the suspense. The romance is realistic and natural. Not a book to try to curl up and relax, as it heats you from inside and gets your heart racing near heart attack speed. Good for forgetting about the world and its problems though.

The Mind Readers Book Review

Taking some time out from writing myself, i kicked back and indulged myself into Mind Readers.

Loved it. The book is full of twist and turns that keeps you guessing all the way. I loved how the main character developed through the story, as well as her personality. The supporting characters are also nicely filled out to not have them appear hollow. There is enough detail given about the surroundings without giving too much and spoiling your imagination. Looking forward to following the story in subsequent books.