Where to next

If things go as they are currently going (no change to the immigration law before my roll over), then i will be leaving the sunny Cayman Islands in mid January 2013. The question is where to next? Due to not knowing what the government is up to, I cannot plan anything as of yet. However, backpacking and writing in Asia, Honduras, Mexico and Peru are a strong possibilities.

Grabbing my backpack and go.

Grabbing my backpack and go.

Cayman Immigration

Currently there are no new news on when and if the law will be changed before the end october deadline. As things stand now, my last work day here will be 5 Jan 2013. Will just have to wait and see what happens.

Writing away

For those awaiting the completion of Laura and the Spear of Destiny, good news. I am currently on 98 000 words. Not far to go for the first draft to be completed. Hang in there.