Whose truck is it anyway?

While at my sister’s hardware store, a lady comes in, in total panic. Her husband is out of country, and she used his truck to drive to the shopping centre, however, now the alarm remote does not want to unlock the truck.
Thinking it is the remote’s battery, we replace it for her, however, we inform her that if it does not work, it may be the truck’s battery. She returns that indeed the new battery in the alarm remote does not work, but she is unable to manually open the truck with the ignition key. At this point the poor lady is in a state as she needs to be at work already.

We send out one of the guys working in the hardware store to go and help her, thinking that it must be the truck’s battery and needs a jump start. The lad returns a few minutes later, shaking his head. The poor lady was trying to open the wrong truck, and only realized it when the owner of said truck returned from his shopping and found them trying to ‘steal’ his truck, and called security.

Tswaing Impact Crater, South Africa

Some 220 000 years ago, two deeply in love rock hyraxs were sitting on a rock, marveling at the beautiful South African countryside. Shivers of excitement ran through Martha’s body as Johnny caressed her neck. She gave a soft moan and tilted her head backwards. Martha gasped and her jaw dropped. A glitter in Martha’s eyes pulled Johnny’s attention upwards.
“A shooting star, coming right at us.” Martha whispered.
“Quick, make a wish.” Johnny replied.
“I wish we had a swimming pool in our back yard.”
A massive shock-wave blasted Martha and Johnny though the air while dust and rocks exploded in all directions. With a thud, both slammed hard into the ground. Battered and bruised, Johnny lifted his head and stared wide eyed at the scene in front of him. Turning slowly to Martha, he commended. “You had to ask for a swimming pool.”

Tswaing Nature Reserve and Impact Crater, South Africa

Tswaing Nature Reserve and Impact Crater, South Africa

Tswaing Impact Crater is believed to be around 220 000 old. Estimates put the meteorite that slammed into earth at around the size of half a football field. The impact caused a crater, 1.4 km in diameter, and 200 m deep. Around 40 km from Pretoria, the site is one of the best-preserved meteorite impact craters in the world. Evidence of Stone and Iron Age settlements have been found in the area and around the lake. The lake itself was mined for soda ash and salt from 1912 to 1950. Today, it forms one of the most interesting natural attractions near Pretoria. Besides the crater, hiking trails around and to the bottom of the crater affords one the opportunity to see a large variety of plant species of the Sourish-Mixed Bushveld, and 240 species of birds. With the drive to the crater taking you past rural towns, with the Magalies Berg in the backdrop, this is worth an outing to do.

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