Roadside humor

So I have been wondering for awhile if one can take a shopping centre seriously with a sign like this.

I mean, is a clown not supposed to tell jokes and spring pranks on you? So I went out to investigate and asked a local expert. But he just wanted to talk trash.

So I went ahead and asked another expert, but she was looking to deep in the bucket.


Please weight here.

A customer strolls into the shop and comments to me. “I have been diving with 14 pounds, but I am to heavy and sink like a stone. So give me 12 pounds and a 2 pounder. I will leave the 2 pounder at the end of the dock as I dive just in case I need it.”
Makes perfect sense, you are only 400 feet from that weight and need only climb up the ladder to get it, but it is there when you need it. Here is your sign.