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Apr 24th, 2017 Comments: 0

South African Road Humor

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On my way to visit my parents on the weekend, i was happily driving along the newly paved double lane road than runs through corn fields. Suddenly the one lane ended into gravel as the road workers had not finished expanding the road from a single lane to a double lane on that part of the road yet. Luckily i was in the other lane and passed the section thinking they should put up warning signs that the road ends for a number of road users will at night get a rude awakening. A lot of truckers use this road, especially at night as it connects to major cities, hence the reason the road is being changed from a single to a double lane.

500 meters down the road from the change from double to single lane, i came upon the missing warning sign. I guess some trucker must have crapped himself when he first realized the road ends when his truck hit gravel, then again 500 meters down the road when he saw this sign. South Africa road humor at work.


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