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Jan 27th, 2015 Comments: 0

Stolen Internet

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In Cambodia, 3G connection is relatively good, and the option for many people if you do not want to go though the hassles of getting a cable installed.

Now, I use the cheap option, that is unlimited data (at a slow pace) for $2.5 a month. This is good enough most of the time for email and so on. But when I need to upload new books, I select one of the capped packages.

I bought a 5GB plan on 3G speed for $10, and went to work. Now, I had been very busy for the past month, but did notice that my unlimited plan was at times so slow i could basically do nothing.

As i was uploading new books, that are in the range of 100 to 250mb a file, I realized i had used my full 5GB in two days. I also had an emergency credit for $10, but since I went over the plan, I paid a premium of about $10 for 1GB. Scathing my head as to how I managed to use 6GB in two days, I decided that it must be that I left my iPhone and Ipod touch connected and they may have updated application. So, I go out and get another $10 worth of plan. Now, at this point, I spend $30 already, and got 11GB, where I could have bought a unlimited 3G plan for that amount. But since I do not need it every month, I grudged on.

Again, I got a $10 emergency credit, in case I run out of data while uploading a large file.

3 days goes by and I am already at 4.6GB. Scathing my head at the usage, I keep on sending twitter messages at 2am in the morning for my latest book promotion. Two or so hours later, I check my data. 5.8GB. Again over plan, and basically all the $10 emergency credit gone.

I sit and wonder how the hell could I have used 1.2GB in two hours sending twitter messages. Then I notice that there is one more device connected to my WiFi hotspot than should be.

It is then that I realized one of the neighbors in my complex managed to crack my WiFi hotspot password, and was happily steeling my internet data. Friken asss.

So, I now had to go and get another recharge, and managed to use in one month more credit than I would in a year, just because of some internet theft.

The funny part, I Facebook my one buddy here in Cambodia and complain, and his response is, aahh do like the locals, just crack someone ell’s WiFi password. There are many application on the internet to do that.

So now I changed my password to just short of the length of my entire first novel, and will change it weekly.

So, do watch the amount of connections if you have a hotspot or local WiFi, people sit far away with signal boosters and download apps from the internet to crack your passwords.


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